Becoming a mother has been my dream since early childhood. In 2007, when my first son was born, I actualized that dream. Walking the humbling experience of a mother unfolding, I’ve discovered how to really nourish myself and others. I am so lucky to have witnessed and assisted the transformation of many hundreds of mothers. Every person I’ve ever worked with has informed my path and I take great delight in sharing all of my experience with you. In 2015, we welcomed another son and again, I walk the humbling path of new mothering!



During your childbearing year, you can think of me as the flint that ignites a knowing and passion—as I gently guide you through the territory of pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Parents who have worked with me say that they learned new ways to expand their ideas and specific tools to address their fears so they could dive wholeheartedly into their experience. Even experienced parents who have been there, done that, find great value in the insightful ways I help them reconsider and integrate their initiation to birth and parenting, with all of its ups and downs.

Whether facilitating a room full of people or a single person, I clearly see what the moment needs and skillfully offer practical and swift guidance to soothe ruffled feathers and quell deep-seated fears.  With equal parts gentleness and ferocity, I assist your own discovery process. It is from this place of raw discovery that the greatest truths and wisdom and your very own best ways of coping begin to surface.



It seems that from the moment I took my first breath, I’ve been living the question: What else? That is: What else is happening here? What else can I do to help? What else can I know about this? What does this moment need? I try to seize every opportunity to expand my consciousness. With courage and perseverance, I help others hold powerful emotions equally and fully, reminding them to come up for air, reach out for help, and find safety in their very own lap. Curiosity is a treasured ally when digging into these big transitions of life. Though fear can be a great paralyzer, with curiosity, we can keep moving gently forward, doing whatever the moment needs. I want to help you find the power and safety in this great question, “What else?”



I delightfully seek out and sort through the best ideas humanity has to offer. I curate these morsels for you and bring them to every interaction with my fellow humans. Because I’m a fearless excavator of my own life, I eagerly explore new ways, new ideas and new paths while staying solidly grounded in my mission to both inspire curiosity in and lovingly care for others.